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About Alfa Romeo


Alfa Romeo: Adapting To You

With so many automobile manufacturers churning out so many different automobiles, it's a little difficult for any one of them to truly stand out. Enter Alfa Romeo. Where others have focused on speed and power, this Italian manufacturer has focused on innovations in control-allowing you to customize your driving experience to suit not just conditions on the road, but to your personality as well.

Decoding Alfa Romeo DNA

Simply put, this is a device that re-adjusts performance based on conditions as they change on the road. The best part is that it is absolutely simple to operate. All you need is to move the selector that they conveniently placed in front of the gear lever to enter into one of three modes:

Natural: The "default" configuration. This sets all components to their normal operational states. Engine output is balanced, and enough for an everyday drive. In this setting, no other special options are engaged.

Dynamic: As the name implies, this is the mode to select for those who want to experience the sporty side of their Alfa Romeos. This is the ultimate driving experience with the engine doubly responsive, enhanced coordination between standard braking and ABS, and dual pinion active steering engaged.

All Weather: The name might be a tad misleading as the only weather conditions that this setting is optimized for is wet and slippery. Engine functioning is normal-what is enhanced is the braking mechanism to allow for the finest degree of control over the stopping of your ride.

The beauty of it all is that it allows for a great deal of connectedness between driver and car-so much so that your driving experience becomes very specific to you.

Streamlining control

Of course, control is only effective insofar as the technology that it controls is worth the bother. In this regard, one can say that Alfa Romeo has the right thing going. Take a look at the 4C concept. A very wide detraction from the V8 norm, Alfa Romeo went for a balance of lightweight frame and lightweight engine-performance exceeds par and cost is much lowered. In a sense, Alfa Romeo innovates not through brute force and power, but rather with subtle finesse.




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